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Annual Loose Leaves Cleanup

Leaf season begins on November 1st and ends December 31st of each year. This is the only time that loose leaves may be raked to the edge of the street for collection. Grass clippings may be mixed with leaves, but please do not intermix any trash or brush.  There will be no brush pickup during leaf season. Once the entire route is completed, it will be repeated as necessary.  The specific times and locations for leaf pickup will vary based upon the volume of leaves encountered and the workload requirements for city forces. Please be patient as we make our rounds, we will get to everyone.  Residents are strongly encouraged to put their leaves out loose and not bag whenever possible.  This will help to make our operations more efficient by minimizing the necessity for a second labor crew to pick up bags.  Your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated. There will also be a loose leaf collection during the month of April as well.

The route starts on the East side of town to center city then into South Millville. It continues to the 3rd ward then out the right hand side of Route 49 toward Bridgeton.  We then come back in the other side of Route 49 toward Millville and head out Carmel Road.  We then come back in Carmel Road and go out the right hand side of Fairton Road and back in the other side into the 5th ward.  The route then continues out the left hand side of Cedar Street/Cedarville Road and back in at which point we head into Whitemarsh, Cedarwood Village, Lloyd Terrace, Esibill Avenue and Carlton Avenue area.  The Route then heads south to Laurel Lake.  Laurel Lake is the end of the route.  Unfortunately, there is no set day or time we will be in a certain area. We run the route continuously which usually averages three (3) passes.  With the exception of the month of April which consist of one (1) pass.

Residents can call Streets & Roads at 856-825-7000, x7388 to find out our current location during these collection months.

Trash and Recyclables

Electronic Waste

Beginning January 1, 2011, electronic waste (e-waste) will no longer be picked up at curbside but must be delivered to the City of Millville Public Works Complex located at 416 S. 15th Street. Electronic waste includes TVs, computers, monitors, laptops, VCR's, DVD & CD Player's, keyboards, stereo's, microwaves, printers, rechargeable batteries,  and cell phones. The Cumberland County Improvement Authority has provided the city with a shed located at the Public Works Complex, 416 S. 15th Street to be utilized for the drop-off and temporary storage of all electronic waste products. Residents are encouraged to begin now in taking advantage of the drop-off at the Public Works Complex as the curbside service will be phased out over the next couple of months.


Curb Side Waste Brochure

Curb Side Waste Brochure (Espanol)

CCIA Latex Paint Disposal

Household Hazardous Waste Days

ACUA 2022 Collection Services


Additional Information

For more information on recycling and solid waste, please contact the Recycling Coordinator, Mike McNiss, at 856-825-7000 x7612.