Street Vendor License

A street vendor license is required for the selling of beverages, foods, merchandise, goods, or wares by walking or driving about the city. It does not include selling from a fixed or permanent location.

Any person traveling through the streets of the city in a motor vehicle stopping to sell food or beverages at retail to customers coming up to the vehicle is a "street vendor." An example of this is an ice cream truck. This does not include vehicles making deliveries to private residences or other locations.

License Required
No person shall engage in street vending within the city unless licensed to do so pursuant to this article. The license required shall be known as a "street vendor license" and shall be issued by the city clerk after payment of the required fee and compliance with these regulations. The fee for the license shall be $25 per day for each licensee or $400 per year.

The application for the license required by this article shall be made in writing and filed with the city clerk on a form provided by the City Clerk's Office.

  • Fixed location - no street vendor shall sell goods or wares from a fixed stand or fixed location within the city without obtaining a temporary business license and complying with the applicable regulations.
  • Private residence - no street vendor shall go on private residential property to sell goods or wares without the prior invitation or consent of the resident property owner or resident tenant.
  • Public sidewalks - no street vendor shall set up a stand or similar facility on the public sidewalks to sell goods or wares to pedestrians standing or walking by.
  • Public streets - no street vendor shall park his vehicle on a public street and use it as a business stand to sell goods or wares to occupants of other vehicles or persons moving or standing on the sidewalks or streets.
  • Aerosol string - no street vendor shall sell aerosol string at public events held within the city which are conducted on the sidewalks, streets, and public lands owned or under the control of the city.