Water Meter Fees

Every property connected to the city water supply system is entitled to one 5/8-inch water meter at the time of original installation. Should any property wish to install an additional meter or upgrade to a larger meter, they must pay for the cost of the meter prior to installation.

Computerized Water Meters with TouchRead Assembly
  • 5/8-inch meter: $150
  • 1-inch meter: $300
  • 1 1/2-inch meter: $725
  • 2-inch meter: $825
Outside Meter Pits
Should a meter need to be set outside, a protective meter pit is required. The fees for the meter pits are in addition to the cost of the water meter and need to be paid prior to installation. Prices are as follows:
  • 5/8-inch pit: $450
  • 1-inch pit: $500
  • 1 1/2-inch pit: $950
  • 2-inch pit: $950
Water Meter Testing
Water meters can be tested for accuracy by our Water Maintenance Department personnel. The fee to have your water meter tested is $50 and is added to your utility account if the meter shows to be accurate.

For more information on water meter testing, please contact our Water Maintenance Department at 856-825-7000, ext. 7613.