Solid Waste Utility

The City of Millville has created a Solid Waste Utility for trash and recycling collection commencing with the year 2024

Customers that will receive billings:

All Residential Homes
Apartment bldgs. with less than 10 units
Non-profit Organizations

Residents who will not receive billings and are responsible for their own garbage/recycling collection:
As defined in Ordinance 44-2023 section 61-3
1) Business Properties
2) Commercial Properties (Ex. Restaurants & stores etc.)
3) Industrial Properties (Warehouses & Factories)
4) Residential Properties of more than 10 dwelling units
5) Mobile Home Parks
6) Condominiums of more than 10 units
7) Vacant lots or vacant lands
8) Any and all other non-residential properties except those operated by a non-profit entity.

Solid Waste Fees
These fees will be set annually by resolution, in order to collect the amount necessary to cover any
and all anticipated cost associated with the collection and disposal of eligible solid waste; which shall
include designated recyclable materials and related support services.

One bill will be issued every January and contain 4 quarterly stub payments.  Solid Waste collection 
bills will be due the same as taxes.

Respective Due Dates:
February 1
May 1
August 1
November 1

Late Fees/Interest
As with any municipal charges, there shall be a 10-day grace period on all quarterly installments.  Should an installment
be paid after the grace period, interest will be charged in the same manner as taxes and other municipal utilities.

In the event that the solid waste charges are not paid throughout the year, the tax collector shall collect these fees in the
same manner as taxes and utilities, and the property will be eligible for tax lien sale.

Questions or Concerns:

Questions regarding Solid Waste/Recycling Pickup:  Streets & Roads Department
                                                                                            856-825-7000 Extensions 7388 or 7612

Questions regarding how to pay your bill:                   Tax & Utility Billing Office
                                                                                             856-825-7000 Extension 7611