For Pets

Emergency Planning for Your Pet

Your emergency and evacuation plans must include provisions for your pets.

  • Have a safe place to take your pets , especially in case an evacuation is ordered.
    • Remember: During an evacuation, American Red Cross disaster shelters cannot accept pets. Service animals who assist people with disabilities are the onlyanimals allowed in Red Cross shelters.
    • Plan NOW, before an emergency, to find out whether friends, relatives or pet-friendly hotels can shelter your animals in the event of a disaster. Keep a list of pet-friendly places, including phone numbers, with your other disaster supplies.
    • This directory of Pet-Friendly Hotels and Motels may help. Important: DO NOT ASSUME any hotel listed here will allow pets until you have called and spoken with someone at that hotel!
  • Assemble a pet disaster supply kit
  • Know what to do when a disaster approaches