What can the general public do to help with the mosquito control program?
For our program to be successful, it is very important for us to get as much help from the general public as possible. It can be a futile endeavor employing various mosquito control methods if our residents are allowing mosquitoes to use their own properties as habitats!

Here are some tips to prevent mosquitoes from breeding on your property:

  • keep rain gutters free of debris
  • clean birdbaths at least once a week
  • keep yard and surrounding areas free of artificial containers, which can collect rainwater
  • eliminate standing water from crawl spaces and basements

Examples of artificial containers include:

  • unused wading pools
  • opened trash cans
  • tires
  • pool covers
  • wheel ruts
  • large, deep mud puddles
  • buckets
  • wheelbarrows
  • ornamental ponds without proper aeration or fish
  • empty planting pots

Anything holding water for at least four days can become a mosquito habitat. In addition, if you find a mosquito habitat, or you think you might have an area conducive to the placement of fish, do not hesitate to call our office.

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