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City Clerk

  1. Bingo & Raffle Applications

    Printable Forms

  2. Citizen Leadership Form (Volunteer Application)

    To perform public service on municipal authorities, boards or commissions.

  3. OPRA Request Application
  1. Business License Applications

    Business License Applications cannot be submitted via website. Applications must be returned to the City Clerk's Office with all... More…


    This form is fillable and can be submitted. Click the Submit Button and/or Submit and Print Button. Please note if after you hit the... More…


  1. Police Emergency Alarm Permit

    This form is a fillable form and can be printed, but cannot be submitted via email, must submit in person or regular mail with payment.


  1. Operation 6abc: Save A Life - Smoke Detector Request

    If a City of Millville resident is need of a smoke detector, they can fill out this form and request one.

  2. Schedule a Fire Department Guest Speaker

    Use this form to schedule a firefighter to speak at your function

  3. Schedule a Knox-Box Set-up

    Schedule the fire department to come out and help you determine the best location for your knox-box and/or to place keys in your... More…

  4. Schedule the Firefighters to Attend a Community Function

    Use this form to schedule the firefighters to attend your community event

  1. Residential Oxygen Use

    For residents to inform the fire department of oxygen being used in their residence.

  2. Schedule a Fire House Tour

    Use this form to schedule a school or group to tour the firehouse

  3. Schedule Fire Extinguisher Training

    Use this form to schedule fire extinguisher training for a community event, employees or students.

  4. Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector Certification

    When selling a home, the fire department must inspect the home for working smoke and CO detectors. The realtor or home owner must fill... More…


  1. Crime Tip

    Use this form to submit an anonymous crime tip to the police department. Your tip will be directed to The Investigations Division to be... More…

  2. Internal Affairs Complaint

    Please use this Adobe PDF form to file an internal affairs complaint.

  3. Security Camera Registration

    This form is to register a security camera with the Millville Police Department. This allows our officers to contact you if necessary... More…

  1. Firearm Application Instructions and Form

    Application Instructions to apply for a firearm.

  2. MPD Safe Return

    This form asks for caregivers of autistic or alzheimer's persons to voluntarily register them. This will assist us should they wander... More…

Public Relations

  1. Request to Nominate Community Programs “Making a Difference” in Millville

    City of Millville wishes to recognize Organizations/Programs working to improve the quality of life within the City. Eligible... More…